The music of Lucio Bisutto

Lucio was born in San Pietro in Volta, a small village in a Venetian lagoon-island called "Pellestrina".
He began to play the guitar when he was 14 with his father "Capitan Bruno Bisutto".

In 1992 he recorded the first musicassette "I Canti della laguna veneta (The songs of Venice lagoon)" in that which there is the song "El Tita", a jocular fragment written with his father.


In 1996 he recorded the musicassette "Cara Kankara Cara (Dear Kankara Dear)". It includes the song "Kankara" the most famous one in Nord - Est Italy. This song jokes on the conjugal problems of a depressed husband.


He recorded the CD entitled "Le migliori canzoni di Lucio Bisutto (The best of Lucio Bisutto)" that contains the best songs of previous musicassettes.


In 2000 he recorded the CD "Do Rose in scarsea (Two roses into a pocket)" where there's the song "Kankaro". This song is about the wife's vision in the Kankara's story.


In 2003 he recorded the CD  "Dedicato a… (Dedicate to…)". A CD dedicate to his father that taught him to live in happiness.


In 2009 He recorded cd "Barbachecco", to remember the traditions and the historical ways of saying of Pellestrina island.


His last cd is "Live in Giorgione", it is an album recorded in 2012 with the songs that he sings every day in his restaurant.

I canti della laguna Veneta (musicassette 1988)

Live in Giorgione (CD 2012)

Cara Kankara Cara (musicassette 1996)

Le migliori canzoni di Lucio Bisutto (CD 1999)

Do Rose in scarsea (CD 2000)

Dedicato a... (CD 2003)

Barbachecco (CD 2009)